Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Blog Carnival: Birthdays

So I am officially a member of Etsy Bloggers Street Team! This month's choices were either Birthdays or Summer. So, I decided to blog about my birthday. Fall is my most favorite time of year. The leaves are changing, there is a certain smell in the air....crisp, cold and the slight smell of the leaves decaying. It is unique, not a bad smell, but almost comforting. I can't really say if Fall is my time of year because of it's beauty or because it's when my birthday is.....I tend to believe that it is the first more so than the latter. I was born October 16, 1973. got it right....I told you what YEAR I was born. I'm not really particular about telling people how old I am, really it's not a big deal...just a number really....a state of mind. I was born in Germany....Bitburgh to be more exact. My dad was in he Air Force but I was not born on base, I was born in a German I am a naturalized citizen...which means you are all safe, I could never be President of the United States! LOL!!

I am really not into all the fanfare and hoopla....I generally try to pass the day without letting anyone know. I like to lay low and don't really care to be fussed over. I would have to say that the best birthday present ever, came two days early one year.....October 14, 2000. What was that you ask? The day I was married!!

So how do you all celebrate you birthday? Do you make a big deal...or do you like to lay low? What was your BESTEST birthday gift ever?


  1. Lol - I always thought people who got married near their birthday's were crazy. My birthday is late November, and I got married Dec. 15th, so it's right smack dab between my birthday and Christmas. I think I'm the crazy one now!

  2. I love October! My parents got married in Oct and they have such a wonderful union!

    Deb, I am passing on the "One Lovely Blog" award to your cool blog!!

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