Monday, June 1, 2009

So How Do YOU Know......?

So it has suddenly become blaringly apparent that I may have taken on more than I can handle. I think Mr. Moose would have agreed with this statement about 3 or 4 projects ago. But now I am in and there is no way of getting out! My deadline for the online newspaper came and went and that totally slipped my mind. By the way...don't forget to check out their latest edition....just released today...minus my articles. I just yesterday realized that I had not paid rent yet. It was due today. Luckily I have deposit slips for our landlords account and am able to just deposit it directly. Instead of having a monthly deadline writing for an online newspaper....I have begun writing WEEKLY feature stories in our local paper for our Farmer's Market. Which somehow has led me to be involved with a number of other committees that I don't even think that I actually signed up for?

SO....tell me how do YOU know when you have gotten in too deep?

Is it when your house becomes a little dirtier than you would like?
How about when there are no folded towels left in the linen granted, they are clean...but they are still in the laundry basket.
Is it when you forget things you have NEVER forgotten paying rent?
Is it when things you loved to do before now have become a chore that must be accomplished?
Or is it when you start to notice other things suffering....your business, the fish you forgot to feed...oh, I could go on, but I'll just stop there!


  1. Oh, just dont forget to come to work...

  2. My brother would argue that I don't know how to recognize when I have too much on my plate :P