Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday Theme Back Next Week!

I had been so good about blogging daily and fretted about just missing one day! But, did you ever notice that once you miss the first day, the world does not stop spinning, the sun still rises, all is still right with the world. As I had mentioned I am writing for our local paper....I wish I could post a link for you all to check out what I am doing. But, alas, living in the boonies, no can do. Our paper, believe it or not, does have a website...but my stuff is not important enough to make it on their world wide web. Oh well!

So on with the festivities....last week I promised to make a little contest out of this Thursday Theme....and today (at work) I had my co-worker, Gary "draw" the Congrats to Harley and Me....(if you asked me I think it's rigged) LOL! I have a prize for you!

So I PROMISE...I'll be back in full swing next week! I have taken Sunday off from work....AND I'm NOT doing the Market this weekend so I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday I will be laying low for a few days....I'll see you all on Monday.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!!


  1. I have currently come to the same realization that the world doesn't come to a screeching hault when I don't write a blog post everyday. Lol
    That's not going to stop me from trying, but at least I know!!
    Enjoy your days off :D It's always wonderful having some time to yourself.

  2. I always feel like the world's coming to an end when I don't post too - but your right - for some strange reason it doesn't end. Go figure. :P Enjoy your break!

  3. Well Thank you, will Harley like it?? or will I ?? Hope you are having a good weekend off. See you Monday...