Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tips For Tuesday

So I'm not going to lie....my sales as of late have been less than stellar. So I thought I would open up a discussion of sort to share with you what helps me with sales. Hopefully all of you will feel the need to share with what helps with your sales, because we all know everyone needs all the help they can get in today's economy!

The first thing I have noticed. REFRESH! I have honestly noticed a difference in my sales when I refresh compared to when I do not. Why waste the money you ask? Because by refreshing the items in you shop on a regular basis keeps you toward the "front" of the searches. To be quite honest, I RARELY search more than 10 pages....why would I expect someone else to do the same? Even if you have the best products in the (etsy) world, no one will ever know if you are all the way back on page 50!

The next thing I have noticed that has helped my sales...the Forums. Honestly. Go there make commments, ask questions, post your stuff! GET NOTICED! Sometimes, you need to have thick skin...you will run into rude, unprofessional fellow etsians. But just take it with a grain of salt.....but it really does help to get you noticed.

Now this next piece of advice is sort of along the same lines as the forums....the chat rooms....it did help get my name out there, but not so much as the forums...again...you need to have thick skin here too!

The last piece of advice might not be so practical for some of the sellers with higher priced items. But....donate....whenever you can. If it does nothing else, it gets your name out there. I have donated to tons of charity functions and group giveaways. If you do have higher priced items, consider donating gift certificates.


  1. I agree with the donating part. I've been giving away tons of beanies, or selling them to co-workers a lot cheaper than normal, in order to get them to tell their friends about me and my shop. I also think the showcases are a great way to get people to visit your shop as well. I always get more hits on days I showcase. :) Thanks for the blog post on this topic. I could use a few good ideas myself. I'll have to check out the forums, even if my skin is not so thick!

  2. Great tips, though I have been giving away a lot more than selling.
    Need to check my expired listings - now that I've read this post.

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