Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gearing Up For My Monday Giveaway!

So this will be my first giveaway EVER!! So I have been thinking for quite some time how exactly I wanted to go about doing this! So I thought and thought and thought.....hmmm...still no inspiration. So then I turned my attentions to other bloggers who have give aways. So I get one entry for following you, one entry for posting a comment about an item in your shop and even more points for making a purchase....hmmm sounds like a lot to keep track of to me. Then there were the giveaways that make you work a tell me your funniest _______ or help me name _______. So I have decided to ask you all for advice,

WHAT KIND OF GIVEAWAY DO YOU LIKE TO SEE? please post a comment with your thoughts.


  1. WOOT!! Can hardly wait to see what you will be giving away! I'll be back to enter.
    Don't usually enter ones that make me work too hard. Most of the ones I've done just ask that the people entering go the the shop and pick their favorite item and come back to leave a link/comment. Though if someone would purchase something from your shop - that should be worth a few entries.
    See you tomorrow!!

  2. I don't like to jump through hoops. I don't mind the 1 entry for this, 2 entries for that thing...I just don't like to have to leave your blog and come back. In your case though, I already know my favorite thing in your shop. I will surely sign up for your giveaway because I love your solid lotion and I am sure everything else is just as wonderful. Plus you are the fastest shipper I have ever encountered on Etsy!

  3. I don't mind the comments on my faves in your shop and answering 1-2 questions.

    It's been tough for me to have my own giveaway too for the same reason.

    I hope to come back tomorrow, my new friend.


  4. I had the same problem.. I do like the giveaways where I dont have to do too much.. I do love to explore shops and pick my favorites so those are nice..and an extra entry for buying something is nice too...I do like to read the giveaways where people tell why it is their favorite.. it does make me more likely to go look and see the item for myself.

    I look forward to seeing how you do yours and entering it :)

  5. I usually do the ones where I have to look at the shop and pick something I like and report back. I've found some really great shops that way. Plus I like the ones where you can get extra entries if you twitter about it, blog about it or something, because that way I can pick the ones I want to do. I'm not fond of the ones where I have to buy something from a shop to get an entry, because they may not have anything I just love at the moment or I may not be able to afford it at the time. Interested to see what you will come up with. I, too, am considering a giveaway on my blog. Just can't decide what to giveaway or my own or host someone else's giveaway.

  6. The giveaways that have something truly good to offer are the best, and shouldn't be TOO complex to enter - just choosing an item one likes from the site is FINE!