Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interview With DKRScrapNCraft: PART 2

Sorry I didn't get this posted sooner, but I guess that is one of the drawbacks of living in the coutry: unreliable snows, no internet...the wind blows, no internet! Oh well!

Don't for get she has been nice enough to offer my readers a 15% coupon off of anything in her store. So be sure to stop by and take advantage of this great offer! Be sure to use BLOG01 in notes to the seller! So now, on with the interview.

***DO YOU HAVE A BLOG? Yes, I do have a blog. My second blog giveaway is going on right now! Be sure to stop over and enter!

***DO YOU SELL ANYWHERE ELSE? I have sold at craft shows and a consignment shop. I am now considering another consignment shop, but at the moment, no I only sell on Etsy.

***WHAT IS THE BEST PROMOTIONAL ADVICE YOU CAN GIVE TO OTHERS? I think the best promotional advice given to me was when someone told me I should chat on the forums! I started getting involved on the forum threads and bought onto a few BNRs (Buy and Replace) and my sales have started to pick up!

***HOW HAVE YOU GONE ABOUT BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS? My business is still just beginning, but so far I have tried to build up a good stock in my shop and I have tried to organize my finances. SIDENOTE: I need to organize my finances....a receipt here, a receipt there...LOL!

***HOW DO YOU BALANCE EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE? Sometimes I spend a little too much time on the computer! I try not to do that because I don't like feeling that way! I love to spend time in my craft room, so I like to get in there a lot. I work in there when my baby naps sometimes and when he is playing. It's not hard to balance Etsy with my other job! I just usually check my shop and forum threads before and after work on Mondays!

***ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO SHARE WITH US TO? I love having a hobby that I love so much and that can be turned into a part time home based business!! :)

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you! I love doing these and getting to know the people behind the shops. If anyone would like to be featured in next week's blog....just convo me in my store! Thanks so much and don't forget to sign up for my giveaway!

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