Friday, February 20, 2009

Interview with DivineCanine PART 2

Ok, so I couldn't refuse to start off this post with a pic of one of our pups....Stella loves her sticks!! Ok, so maybe sometimes they are small trees! LOL

BE SURE TO STOP BY DIVINE CANINE....she is offering readers of my blog 20% off their orders...GREAT DEAL!! Use CODE:DIVCAN in notes to seller to take advantage of this great offer! Offer good for all regular priced items....not to be used on shipping or sale items.

***WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ITEM IN YOUR SHOP? My favorite items are my wheat free and grain free treats. I like them because they give dogs with food allergies a chance to enjoy treats just as other doggies get to do!

***WHAT IS YOUR BEST SELLER? My bacon is my number 1 best seller, but before the whole peanut butter paste thing it was my peanut butter bliss treats and my carob peanut biscotti. BTW, I use jarred peanut butter, not peanut butter paste.

***DO YOU HAVE A BLOG? My blog is but I’m horrible at updating it…shame on me!

***DO YOU SELL ANYWHERE ELSE? I sell locally at some vets, groomers, a newly opened craft mall, and a newly opened feedstore. I did a lot of craft shows and so have some local customers as well. This summer I will be doing the farmer’s market.

1. Join a team!
2. spend time in the forums so people can get to know you and get to know about your product.
3. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there locally. I thought when I started this that Etsy would be my main source of income, but it takes all my avenues to bring in money.

***HOW HAVE YOU GONE ABOUT BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS? I spend a lot of time promoting, I do a lot of free sample offers, and established customers are finally starting to bring me new customers, so I’m slowly starting to build a customer base. Plus, I’m relentless in asking shops and vets to display my treats…I figure the more exposure, the better!

***ANYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE US TO KNOW? I’m working on new low-calorie recipes and trying to make a “snack-shack” type deal for chinchillas, guinea pigs, gerbils, etc. I’m also looking for new ideas of what to make for kitty cats…they are much pickier than dogs!
That is some really great advice! Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you! My pups thank you for what you do!!