Wednesday, February 18, 2009 betcha!

Finally after quite some time and stressing over formula after formula.....our vegan line has finally launched! For right now we only have two products available for sale. You can find them under the current lip butter and lotion bar listings, but they will soon have their own category. And our vegan lemongrass soap is currently on the curing rack. It will be released in the next week or so. It is 100% all natural, using essential oil and natural colorants.

For right now we have vegan lip butter. We have taken our regular lip butter recipe and replaced the beeswax with a blend of carnuaba wax and candellila wax. Both are plant derivatives. We have taken an all natural approach with this line of lip butters. Right down to the flavoring we chose. No colorants. 100% all natural goodness! Sweet Berries is currently for sale, but be on the lookout for Lemonade and Vanilla Mint.

For our lotion bar, we did the same thing, replaced the beeswax with an all natural plant derived wax blend of canuaba and candellila. Our current scent selection is called Milton's is a knockoff of that famous Burt fellow's scent. I cannot attest to its authenticity, as I have never smelled the real deal. More scents coming soon!