Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Best Part About Blogging: The Comments!

Don't you just love reading the comments left for you by your readers? For me, I'm almost like a kid on Christmas morning, anxiously waiting to see what's under the comment Christmas tree! So what does it take to get those coveted comments?
One great way to increase comments on your blog is to show some love. What do I mean? Link other blogs to your posts. Better yet, consider doing a post every so often about the best posts you have read in the past week. Let the authors know and chances are good that they will be curious and come to your blog to see what you have said.....I know I do. They will more than likely leave a comment to let you know that they were there and they appreciate what you have to said about them.

Another great way to get comments on YOUR blog is to comment on OTHER blogs! This is pretty self-explainatory. I try to do this as often as I possibly can. The key here is make your comments relevant. Don't just run around making senseless comments; if you don't have something to contribute, move on to the next blog. Another way to look at this point: why would someone want to comment on your blog, if you don't take the time to read what they have to say and comment on their posts? let's be honest here, this next one is a little like bribing...but take 'em any way you can get 'em! LOL. Seriously, have a giveaway! Not only will you gain followers and hopefully loyal readers...but you will get comments and maybe some constructive feedback. By the way....make sure you enter my current giveaway going on!

Out of all the pointer, this next one is almost a no brainer! Write posts with compelling content. I know...sometimes easier said than done! But don't limit yourself. Don't just write tutorials or how-to's. Stand up and make yourself heard. Write about something controversial....take a stance! You might be surprised with the all the comments you will get!

Out of all the research that I have done; I find this last piece of advice the most surprising. I must admit I am terrible at this, but am working on improving. Answer every comment! This allows your readers to feel as though they are carrying on a conversation with you.

So what secrets do you have for getting comments? Or better yet, tell me what moves you to leave a comment for someone?


  1. Haha, comments are like presents for me too! I get way more excited than I should anytime I see that I have a new one.

    I have been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now, and I think I am really going to get on the ball now.

    As for what makes me want to comment, it has everything to do with the content of the blog. If it's thought-provoking and I really have something to say on the matter, I want to comment about it. And questions. Anytime someone closes their blog post with a question, I feel like it's only polite of me to answer.

  2. I love comments too. Blogging has really made me stop and take a look at my life in a completely different way. I used to just let life pass me by, but not I see that even my crazy life can be documented in a fascinating way. I have two blogs, one for my life, and one for my job. I think it is funny how hard I try to make them equal. Not always possible!


  3. I like your advice here - very true! For me, I try to comment when I can (time is a rarity for me). :)

  4. Very good advice! I find I get the most comments when I say something totally off the wall. The most comments I ever got on one post was when I pretty much said I wanted to kick Carrie Underwood's butt because she has such great legs! I guess all us women can relate to that!