Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lucky Dog Treat Company

Since Mr. Moose and I have no human children (yet) our pups are kids. We are even taking a Pet First Aid/CPR class today from 12-4. We can't wait!! Sometimes we love them too much and show that affection by feeding them treats! Although they are on a diet right now, we still do give them an occasional treat. Rather than giving them the store bought treats that contain absolutely no nutritional value what-so-ever, we have chosen to spend a little extra and give them homemade treats we buy on Etsy! So today I thoughT I would introduce you to another one of our favorites, Lucky Dog Treat Company!

This wonderful little company is based out of our former home state, Pennsylvania. It is owned and operated by Marlene Doyle. I asked her what the best part of owning your own business was and her reply was " I love owning my own business and being able to interact with people who share my love for all things animal"! Marlene was laid off from her "real job" last June, so Lucky Dog Treat Company is now her full time job....lucky girl! Her full time job was very physically taxing and made it extremely difficult to do finding herself without a job turned out to be a blessing in disguise! On St. Patrick's Day she will celebrate her one year anniversary in business.
Marlene started selling at the local Farmers Markets, when they closed for the season, she was left with no outlet in which to sell. This led her to Etsy.

Marlene always has her eyes peeled for interesting recipes. Sometimes she sees a recipe and just tweaks it until she (or her pooches) are happy with it. Other times she finds a "human" recipe and then changes ingredients that would be harmful to dogs. She spends a lot of time researching the ingredients, making sure that they add a healthy boost to their diets and are not just a "filler" treat.

Her favorite treats to create contain fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables.....because, she confesses, she gets to sneak a bite here and there...hehe!

Her top seller, hands down, are Callie's Peanut Butter Bones. (pictured right) She rarely encounters a dog that doesn't like peanut butter!
You can find Marlene, online of course, but at the Glenside Farmer's Market, The North Hills Farmer's Market and the Farmer's Market at the Whole Foods grocery store in Jenkintown, PA. She also attends various rescue events in the suburban Philly area thoughout the year. She keeps her Etsy shop page updated as to where you can find her. She is also a member of EEAT (Etsy Edible Art Team) on esty. Which she says has helped contribute to her sucess, as well as joining her local chamber of commerce.

Her best advice: SHAMELESSLY PROMOTE! Tell everyone you talk to, find a way to work it into the conversation! She keeps fresh samples in her car and sometimes in her purse! Don't forget your business cards as well! Also don't be cut corners on them. Get high quality, full color cards. People will be more likely to hold on to them if they look impressive.

What's in the works for Marlene? Well, she has some new flavors kicking around in her mind and she currenly has three more being tested for nutritionals right now. She is also looking into some local retailers and she is open to wholesale as well.

Marlene's true passion is animals, and making sure they are treated well and cared for properly. She is a huge advocate of pet adoption, so she would like to ask anyone interested in picking out a new friend to please visit your local animals shelters rather than go to a pet store or breeder. There are so many loving animals in need of a good home!
Here's a pic of our (the Moose's) two adoptees! Stella on the left and Daisy on the right.
Be sure to visit Lucky Dog Treat Company....she is celebrating her one year anniversary on St. Patty's Day...with a HUGE sale! So go...pick up treats for you pups!


  1. I've often thought that I wanted to make doggie treats, but I've never lived in an area that would support such an endeavor. Good for the Lucky Dog Treat Company. I did make a Bird Treat book that I have on Etsy. Our birds are loving their new treats! And they are so easy to whip up. Someone with imagination and creativity could do a number with them!

  2. I got Lucy and Todd treats from Lucky Dog Treat Company for Christmas! They loved them!