Sunday, March 29, 2009

This and That Randomness...

Please don't forget to enter my "Very Vegan Giveaway" that is ending today. Open to everyone, everywhere!

Also, I have gotten in some new scents for massage candles that I am anxiously awaiting to try out: Black Tea & Roses, Spa Sea Salt (which I WILL be renaming) it is a very light, clean spa scent...very nice, and last but certainly not least, sandalwood vanilla. So be on the look out for these new scents coming soon.

Also, I hope to be listing my soy candles soon. You know, making candles is not as easy as it takes a lot to get things just right! I have been playing around with them and are finally happy enough to offer them for sale!

And I have been making soap like a mad on the look out for my gardners soap with pumice and doggie soap, too!

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  1. Black Tea & Roses sounds awesome!