Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Out Of The Box Sampler Review

Since I hadn't participated in this month's sampler, I thought I would treat myself and buy myself FIRST one! I first must say how FAST it arrived! I ordered it on Wednesday or Thursday and had it by Saturday! AWESOME service.

Ok, starting at the top left corner:

1. GeekDetails sent a button. Mine said "more dots more dots". Sorry don't get it. I'm not a fan of buttons either. Maybe someone out there can help me with the meaning of it?
2. Custom Candy Bar Wrappers 4 U: cute little spring/Easter chocolate. She does the custom wrappers. Cute. Great graphics.
3. Handmade Creations By C & K: cute little candle melt. Smells great, although I'm not getting the allspice and nutmeg. (sorry I couldn't link your shop, I couldn't find a web addy) Plus a 10% off coupon for next order.
4. Tartaholic: good size samples of Mulberry Spice melts. Smell awesome.
5. Strawberry Fields Candles and Gifts: carpet sprinkles. Lemon Pound Cake...smell soo hubby is a big fan of this one...he loves anything lemon. She sent enough to do a small room....AWESOME!
6. Everyday Eclectic: bath salts. Generous sample...enough for about 2 baths. Great labels...very professional. Scent says "Wild Lavender"...definately NOT the scent I am smelling....smells very powdery....the only reason I say this is because my grandmother had a dusting powder she used and it smelled EXACTLY like this....definatley not lavendery at all.
7. Lori's Place: Beautiful Flower Cookie....tasted great. AWESOME decoration...sorry we devoured this immediately and then accidentially threw away the packaging. If someone could help me out here....that would be great! (Thanks Michelle)
8. Sweet Treats by Maryann...Chocolate Covered fave! an instant!

Ok starting in the very back with the chinese take out container:

1.Bubbly Creations: tucked inside this little box was the CUTEST little rubber duckie princess...who, much to my a little squirt gun....hubby took full advantage of this! LOL! and a soapie sample. Mae Flowers? I'm not really getting much a scent?
2. Bella Photo Design: cusom photo cards, invitations, note cards, a 10% off coupon.
2A. Country Chunkie Candles: oops almost missed one! OK....this one is my FAVORITE of all the melts! Creme Brulee! AWESOME AWESOME smell....LOVE IT! PLUS coupon....I will be using this one!
3. Daisy Mae Aromas: GREAT packaging! She sent a cute little St Patty's Day scented knob hangy.
4. M-D Candles: sent TWO melt samples. Both smell AWESOME! I got Georgia Peach and Spiced Vanilla Orange! YUMMY!
5. Memories By Olenka: sent the cutest little "green" themed hang tags that can also be used as magnets....VERY CLEVER....VERY CUTE too!
6. Deborah's Candle Magick: sent cute little melts in the shape of gold coins! CLEVER! smells like apple orchard. Great spring smell.
7. Pure Naturals: sent FULL SIZED lip balm...almond biscotti. Also sent cute little twist tin of shea skin repair....I LOVE tins! Plus coupon!
8. One Scrappy Chic: sent the cutest note the pattern! Plus "coupon".
9. Hearts A Glow Candles: sent a generous sized melt. Red cinnamon!
10. Anam Cara Candles: sent little candle melt..chocolate fudge...not quite what I get when I smell it...I get a hint of coconut...might be just me?
WOW...19 samples in all....AWESOME! To purchase your sampler for next month...go HERE! Next box goes on Sale APRIL 1ST. Be sure to get there quick...they go fast!!


  1. looks and sounds pretty yummy, from the bath to your tummy!

  2. Great review! So glad you liked the sampler box and I missed having your business in it this month!

    Flower cookie is from

    and the mini candy bar custom wrapper is from


    PS. next box goes on sale April 1st!

  3. Looks like you got some awesome goodies!

    You have 2 blog awards on my blog!