Thursday, March 12, 2009

Please Help Me.

So, in an effort to make my blog more appealing to my readers. I have been doing a little research and paying attention to what other bloggers are doing. And I have personally been paying attention to what I have been reading on other blogs.

So I guess my question for you, my friend, is what keeps your interest in a blog? (please be sure to take my can select more than one answer)

Do you like interviews with other artists and crafters?

Do you prefer to read articles that give tips and advice for better blogging or better business?

Do you like personal posts?

Do you like following blogs that have a set schedule of posting? ie Wordless Wednesday, Theme Thursday, Friday Feature, Saturday Seller?
Do you like blogs that have quirky news and trivia?

PLEASE let me know what you like. Let me know what you are looking for in a blog. Take a moment to post a comment or take my new poll. I am striving to make my blog better, so I am asking for your help.


  1. Just follow your heart! I started my blog in hopes to drive business to my store. But, that just isn't me. Now, I just write whatever I feel. Sometimes I talk about my shop. Most of the time I just talk about my day. I NEVER touch politics or religion. Just too touchy :)

    I always like to see lots of pictures.

  2. I would definately have to agree...I always like to see lots of pics....I have been trying to incorporate at least one into each post!

  3. I opted to have a personal blog and a shop blog separately--that way I do have a place for personal stuff (like religion and politics, LOL!), but the shop blog is all business...
    I like to see photos and info for new products (for example tell about the ingredients you use in your soaps and why you choose those ones), tips and tutorials (how to create certain things, business tips, etc). I do like things to be somewhat predictable, so I personally have 'tuesday tips' and 'thursday treasuries' and 'friday features' where I feature another etsian. I miss them sometimes, but they are usually a regular feature. Plus when I have a theme like that it's easy to write a post. :) And I think everybody likes the occasional giveaway or contest!

  4. Like Angela, I started my blog in hopes of promoting myself for extra business in my Etsy shop, but it's turned into its own entity.
    I'm not one to write about myself or my work so often, so my blog has become a place for my rants, raves, loves and hates in art, fashion, home, celebrity gossip, my shop and anything else that catches my eye or interests me.
    I have a lot of followers now who say they enjoy that I mix it up...and new blog friends I wouldn't have met otherwise. :)
    One huge tip: LOTS of great pictures...People love them!


  5. I like all the ideas. I've been trying to promote other Etsy shops on my blog along with my glass and personal things. So I enjoy most of your ideas. By the way, you've been awarded the "Sisterhood Award"! You can check it out on my blog: