Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Warning

So I had a completely different post planned for today...but it never seems to end up that I post what I plan. Hmmmm.....why is that? Anyway, I thought this was way more important! PLEASE BE AWARE OF ANTIVIRUS 360....not to be confused with Norton 360. This is a highly destructive virus or worm? hmmm...not sure which, not that it really matters, because the outcome is the same! VERY BAD!!! It acts like a virus removal software warning...but it is fake! Just by "Xing" out a pop up ad stating that your computer is infected with all kinds of spyware, ect, ect you become infected. The more you use your computer, the more damage that is done. Please be extremely careful. It could ultimately crash your computer and cause you to lose valuable documents and files. Even though I had Norton installed and running, I was still infected. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

Side note: I was told that instead of xing out your pop ups, you are supposed to use ALT F4 to get rid of them.

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