Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Building The Light Box Day 1

So with the economy being the way it is these days....I have decided to save myself a few (in some cases many) dollars and build my own light box. I have new stuff to list, but this is what has been holding me back. I have looked on Ebay and other places and decided that constructing my own would be the way to go. So after reading many articles and doing some research. I found that the best instructional site to be here . So for those of you following along at home....go there now LOL!

My Materials List:

1) Box....got plenty of those lying around, big ones small ones...just about any size imaginable. And the BEST part about it, it's FREE! If for some reason, you don't have one....go to Wal Mart, grocery stores. Just remember, the thicker the better; you are going to be cutting away a lot of the box, so just the corners will be supporting it.

2) Fabric....I have read different sights and said that you could use white tissue paper, which would cut down on your costs, but makes it extremely flimsy. If you have old white T-shirts or old white sheets lying around these will also work. But if not....which I don't have either, the tutorial I am following recommends white muslim fabric. So I am going on the hunt to thrift stores for a few white sheets.....DUH....I can't believe I forgot all about the fabric!!

3)Masking Tape...to secure the fabric to the sides of the box.....I was thinking why not use spray adhesive...well incase you want to tinker with different colors of fabric, that will make it easier to change out.

4) Glue Sticks or spray adhesive...need to get these as well.

5) White Bristol Board...similar to poster board only heavier. (must get this as well)

6) Lights...the gooseneck kind. We just recently moved from PA to MT....so unfortunately, those all went into the yard sale....again going to hunt the thrift stores. Also will need to purchase daylight lightbulbs...the regular lightbulbs tend to cast a yellow light and will affect your end results.

7) Tape Measure or Ruler, Pencil or Pen (something for marking your lines), Scissors or exacto knife...something for cutting.

Well that about sums up what I need to get....so check back tomorrow for my progess...

Oh..just curious how many of you out there use lightboxes?


  1. I built a light box just the other night! It was fun and I really felt like I got a little something accomplished. Good luck with yours.

  2. we need to see pictures!

  3. I gave your blog an award. Go check it out!

  4. Hi, I just posted your site link for this tutorial on my site, hope that was ok! Love your blog. :)