Saturday, March 7, 2009

Light Box PART 2

Ok, finally I have finally set aside the time to construct my light box. I spent a total of just under $30 for the supplies I needed. Of course, the most expensive part was the light($13) and the light bulb ($7.50). I went to a thrift store and picked up plain white pillow cases for the fabric (0.99 each). I got 3 but only needed 2.

STEP 1: Mark each side of the box 2" in from each edge...leave the top and bottom alone. The top flaps will be cut off and the bottom will be left intact.

STEP 2: Connect all guide marks using a straight ruler and cut away the center portion. Using care not to over shoot your ending points. This is what it should look like at this point.

STEP 3: Take your bristol board (I just used poster board) and mark it in (16) 2" strips and cut them out. Once you have 16, apply to the inside edges of the box. I used a glue stick and you must apply it LIBERALLY...I went through about 1 1/2 sticks just for that! Now that I have done this, I personally think that adhesive spray might work better. This is how is should look now.

STEP 4: Cut the remaining piece of poster board so that it fits inside the box...set it inside, DO NOT CREASE IT and cut it so that it is flush to the top.

SET 5: Now cut your fabric and cover 3 sides (the directions I was following didn't really say to do all 3 sides...but I did anyway) and the top. Attach with masking tape.


Check back tomorrow for photo comparisions. Can't wait to try it out! If you are thinking about building should do was soooo easy and only took me about two hours (I was multi-tasking) so it will probably take you less time!

If anyone has any questions...I will be glad to help you in any way I can!!


  1. Looking forward to the photo comparisons. If you say it works, I'll give it a try, too!

  2. I've been intending to try this. Anxious to see the photo comparisons. One question, couldn't you just paint all the inside corners/borders with white paint instead of gluing all the poster board in?

  3. Hmmm..I guess that is a distinct possibilty...but that would add extra because of the drying involved and two, I would think you would need more than one coat to cover it sufficiently.

  4. Love this tutorial!! When I get to my section on great photos in my blog, you can be my guest blogger and I'll include this link! This is great. I received a gift certificate to a mall as gift so I was able to purchase a professional lightbox. But for most people, especially new etsians, we need something reasonable. What kind of light bulbs are you using and at what wattage?