Thursday, March 5, 2009

Donation Day and Other Housekeeping!

So today is the big day. Donation day for the Cora Paige Benefit. This day also would have been little Cora's first birthday, so please keep her family in your thoughts as this must be an extremely difficult day. On a side note, completely by coincidence, Cora's parent's have their first meeting with the playground builders at the church today and *hopefully* everyone does what they were supposed to do and make their donations before the appointed time so they can surprise them with the numbers! $13,258.31 is the most current number I have heard and the organizers still need to hear current numbers from around 90 people! Thanks to all who participated.....We (The Muddy Moose) raised $166.75 to donate!

Ok, on a more cheerful note: Please check out my shop and let me know what you think! I took some the suggestions to heart and 1) shortened my shop announcements and 2) have a new banner. So let me know what you think of it. I hired 3 designers because I couldn't narrow down my choices any further than that. So if you don't like the one I currently have up, I have more to choose from.
PSSST...I almost forgot....the banner in my shop is done by Olliegraphic, Meg does an amazing job. Be sure to check her out if you are needing a new banner!

Looking forward to hearing what you think!
Have a GREAT day!!


  1. love the new banner and i'm keeping cora's parents in my heart all day.

  2. I love the new banner!!! Blue and brown-SO pretty!

    Such a cute shop name too.

  3. Thanks for stopping by. You can participate in the next Mamarazzi swap by visiting - keep an eye out for her announcement. The next one will be in April!