Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Soapbox: Designer Dogs

So from time to time I figure that I have the right to vent. To get things that bug me off my chest. Now, I don't expect this to be a weekly occurrence, but from time to time....maybe once a month, I'll get my soapbox out and get things off my chest. So for today, I thought I would tackle so-called "designer dogs". So when did this whole idea come to the forefront? When did it become OK for people to breed mutts, give them cute names and then sell them for hundreds of dollars? Just because they have a cute name?? Last time I checked it's a mutt. They may be able to sucker some people, but I REFUSE to spend my hard earned money and encourage these people who are bilking the public out of their hard earned dollars. Over breeding has ruined many purebreed...true. But in my opinion, this is what really happened....a breeder had his female come into heat...and accidentally had the neighborhood casa nova sneak into his yard one night....and being greedy and not wanting to lose money came up with this scheme. Now granted, don't get me wrong...they are cute. But if you truly want a dog, why not save yourself a few hundreds of dollars.....go to the local pound and pick yourself a puppy. There are hundreds of pounds across America that are quickly becoming over-populated. As people lose their jobs and their homes, unfortunately they look to cut corners and their best friend is sometimes the one that suffers.

So for me a mutt by any other name is still a I would really LOVE to hear your opinion on this subject! Are you with me...against me...let me know....just remember everyone is entitled to their opinion and no one should be put down or chastised for that!


  1. Hi there! I just found your blog and OH BOY do I agree!!!I work at a veterinary clinic and we see them all..labradoodles, peekapoodles etc.I agree they are ruining many good breeds and what kinds of breed specific traits and diseases are they multiplying? I would never spend money on one, you can adopt perfect dogs some even purebreds at your local shelter. Oh I could go on and on, glad to meet someone who shares my opinion!

  2. Funny. Mutts are mutts. You are completely right. I do get a kick out the names they give their mutts. I think 'Puggle' is my favorite (half Pug and half beagle). Seriously, the best bet is always the Humane Society. What could be better than saving a beautiful puppy for very little $?


  3. you said it sister! and I couldn't have said it better myself! (and I have a pretty high soap box for pet discussions off of which I have fallen on occasion)

  4. Carmen: I'm glad to hear from someone in the pet "profession" to confirm my suspicions!

    Grammatically Delicious Designs...I do have to admit..I laugh when I hear puggle!

    Marlene: I think that we all need to occasionally take stances! More people should lead instead of follow...I'm with you!

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