Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Back To The Basics: Barter!

Don't you wish that somethings could be just like the good ol' days? When doctors were paid with a dozen eggs or fresh baked pies? Well, with the state of the economy being what it is, there has been a new grass roots movement to begin establishing cashless bartering systems. You clean my house....I'll cook you dinner for a week. It's the original business deal, invented long before money defined trade between two people.

I have signed up to take part in one of these bartering communities. Bitterroot Barter. How it sign up and get as many listings as you would like. I entered for baking and cooking as well as my bath and beauty products. Upon signing up I got 3 hOURS. Which here in the Bittrroot Valley is equivalent to $30 ( 1 hOUR = $10). Now say I want to get my house cleaned (which it does need), I look in their directory and find someone who cleans houses. I make the initial contact. Then that person has the opportunity to either make a deal with me accepting my services for their services OR I can pay in full or partial hOURS or that person can accept part service and part hOURS. Pretty simple. You can earn hOURS by doing community service type of work or volunteering at non profit organizations.

I think that this is a great look for one in your area and get to bartering!

You can also find great bartering sites at and of course,


  1. Time Banks and Local Exchange Trading Systems are becoming very popular across America. We like the community currency and that works well with a Time Bank.

  2. That is so cool!
    I'll have to check that out when I feel a bit better :D

  3. why don't you try bartering on it's a great site where you can trade your services. i use it and it's one of a kind...."a world without money"...what an interesting slogan.