Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Looking For Some Feedback From YOU!

So I am still preparing my scrub line and I am wanting some feedback from you all!
So, I have a few questions I would like answers to.....

1. I know I asked this question before, but I have added a few (or am thinking about adding) do you like oatmeal, coffee, sugar or salt scubs?
2. Do you prefer the type of scrub that does not leave "stuff" behind? (oats, poppyseeds, ect)
3. What size of scrub are you more likely to buy? Small (4oz), Medium (6-8oz) or Large (12+oz)

Ok, for lotions....

1. Do you prefer a thick or thinner lotion...or does it depend on where you are applying it?
2. Again, what size lotion do you usually purchase? Small (4oz), Medium (6-8oz) or Large (12+ oz)?
3. you purchase smaller at first, then larger if you like it?

If you would answer any or all of these questions, that would be a tremendous help! Thanks so much...I really appreciate it.


  1. 1. I would like like any of these...
    2. That doesn't matter to much to me since it
    all gets washed...
    3. I would probably buy a small or med then if
    I really liked it maybe a big one then...

    1. I myself kinda like a thicker one you have
    a little more control over it..
    2. Again probably a smaller one at first...

    Just my 2 cents
    Hope you have a great day....


  2. That's a lot of questions!!
    1) I would prefer a scrub that doesn't leave stuff behind, and probably a smaller container.

    2) I like thinner lotions, and larger bottles. (use it quite a bit)

    Checking your shop every now and then for some "clean cotton" soap.

  3. For scrubs, I don't mind if it leaves stuff, and I would buy smaller.

    Lotions, I like thicker, and probably smaller too, to make sure I like the scent and feel. Then I would get bigger.

  4. Lets see here.

    1. I've never really had the chance to use scrubs before, but I would use all of the scrubs except coffee.

    2. I do prefer the none reside scrub

    3. I think I would be most likely to buy a small to try it out and if I like it come back and buy a medium or a large.


    1. I think I would prefer a thick lotion as opposed to a thin one.

    2. Again, I would get the small and make sure I like it before I would come back and get the medium or large.

    3.Refer to Lotion Question 2. Lol

    Hope this helps!!