Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday....Baking Day.

So...where did all the time go? I had so many many new recipes I wanted to create and play around with...but today is the day. My busiest day of the week for the next 5 months! Tomorrow is the opening of the Farmer's Market. Our market runs from May 2 to October 3. On my best days...I have upwards of 45 loaves of bread for sale, all baked on one day! But I figure with this being the FIRST one of the season...many people may not realize that it is open. So I plan to start out smaller than I normally would....say in the range of 20-30 loaves....but unfortuately I don't think I will have my croutons available....I have a customer that comes just for those! I still have hopes of creating an apple strusel bread before the end of the market this stay tuned!

Oh, don't forget to check out the lastest issue of Crafters In The News! New issue just released today!


  1. Have a great day and try to put your feet up for awhile today, have fun at the market, if you need to pee stop in and see me.

  2. Those look absolutly delicious!!
    This is when I wish I could eat bread >.< Lol

  3. I so wish I could smell that from here! I feel for ya, tomorrow is the start of my market season too. From now until December I don't think I will get to sleep in on the weekends again, lol waaaaaa! What stinks is that I am more prepared for this season than ever before, and it is calling for rain all weekend. ugh! So not fair!

  4. Wow girl that's a lot of bread...looks yummy...
    Got my prize in the mail and does it ever smell
    so good...Thank you so very much...
    Good luck at the market...

  5. Good luck at market tomorrow Deb! I have been busy too and just noticed you gave me a blog award! Thanks!

  6. oooh, that bread looks good!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway last month - it was a lot of fun to see the comments coming in! So much fun that I may be doing another one sometime soonish - so keep an eye out!


  7. wow 30-40 breads in one day??? thats amazing!! i dont know how you do it! i hope you sold out!!

  8. Looks wonderful! I am a fellow farmers market gal. I make and sell homemade jams at our farmers market. So much work but so fun! I love your blog and will be checking back often!