Friday, May 8, 2009

Guilty Pleasures....Hmmm?

So what exactly makes a pleasure guilty? How exactly do you define that? I'm pretty sure that it will differ from person to person. So I turned to Wikipedia for an answer and came up blank (really? Wikipedia knows eveything!). So I dug deeper....and these are the two best definitions I could find:

DEFINITION A: "A guilty pleasure is defined as something you enjoy, even though you know it’s bad for you." (by Stephen Wong)
DEFINITION B: "A Guilty Pleasure is defined as something that would ruin us if our friends knew about it." (by MissKendy)

So I decided that I would let you all get to know me a little better and share some of my guilty pleasures:

Baskin Robbins Pralines and Cream Ice Cream! Definately fits DEFINTION A...have a small carton in the freezer right now! And it is definately calling my name!

OK, OK...I know, definately fits into DEFINITION B!! Don't get me wrong...I am not a huge fan...but I definately do like her newest song called The Climb....I tried to figure out how to share it, but couldn't.

BUBBLE BATHS! So this doesn't really fit into either definition above, but when I do indulge...I feel guilty for wasting all that time when I could have been doing something for me, it's a guilty pleasure.

Outback Steakhouse! Oh, do I love me a good steak! Definately DEFINITION A!

Well, that's about all for right now...hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I am probably about to take up your whole comment section (ha ha)

    1.Ben and Jerry's
    2.Java Chillers from Sonic
    3.Online Shopping
    4.An Occasional Gossip Magazine
    5.The City on MTV (face blushes)

  2. so since you told us, does that mean its not a guilty pleasure anymore??? lol

    lets see - 1. definitly ice cream - buttered pecan, or cookie dough ice cream! yum!

    2. turning the phone off and delving into a good movie!

    3. shopping on etsy ( i do tooooo much of it! shhh)

    4. i love celebrity apprentice and Big Brother! ( i know i know! lol)

    5. anything mexican!

  3. your's aren't tooooo bad, hehe
    1 corndogs
    2 lime sherbet
    3 that cheese in a can, and man, added with #1 I am startin to sound like a hick...
    4 the enitre 7 seasons of The Golden Girls on dvd
    could be worse... right?!

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