Tuesday, May 5, 2009

An Out Of The Ordinary Post....

So I thought I would share with you yet another thing that occupies our time. We are house sitting...well, I guess a better way to put it is animal sitting (we really have nothing to do with the house)for our neighbors. We have many responsibilites....we need to feed and water the dogs and let them out to roam for a while. We also are responsible for the cats...which if anyone has ever had cats....is really no big deal. Clean the litter and make sure they have food and water...they come and go as they please. And then there are the CHICKENS! Believe it or not...I enjoy taking care of the chickens....now you're all probably going to think I am off my rocker, but when I enter their pen...I "talk" to them....I "talk" to them as I gather their eggs....and they have two crazy looking chickens that are my favorite:

There are two of these chickens in the flock...they were adopted from a fellow rancher that let his chickens free range....the rest of their family was eaten by coyotes....these were the only 2 that survived...so they now live here....safe and sound! These chickens are quite friendly as far as chickens go...they absolutely LOVE Mr. Moose. For some reason, when he comes into their pen....they run over to him and want him to pick them up and pet them....so I have started calling him the "Chicken Whisperer"! From what I have heard, from Mr. Moose's parents...he had a thing for chickens when he was younger too! If they ever could not find him....all they had to do was look in the neighbor's chicken coop!

Here is a size comparison....the smaller white eggs are given by the chicken above (and her flock mate) and the tan larger eggs are laid by the rest of the flock.

So if anyone out there know the proper "name" of these chickens...I would love to know...I think they are pretty cool!


  1. Oh we get all our eggs from an organic farmer.
    It's wierd because for one, the differences in size and color and for another, we physically cannot eat the store bought eggs.
    My dad gets asthma and my mum is IBS.
    But we have no problem with the organic eggs.
    They taste waaaaay better too :D

  2. I WOULD LOVEEEEEEEEEE to have a friend that would give me FRESH eggs My mom would buy some off a Neighbor when i was little.

  3. I love chickens but I haven't had any for years. The one you have pictured is a Bearded Silver Laced Polish Hen. I used to have some of them. My problem is that I want mine to be free range but dogs kill them. The reason I like them free range is they eat ticks and it is so nice to be able to be outside without being covered with bugs.
    It wouldn't be too hard to take care of chickens in good weather but I work 12 hour days and they would end up with frozen water most of the time in the winter.
    Thanks for the pictures.

  4. Looks like in the back there are some:

    Road island reds = red ones
    Buff Orpingtons's = gold ones
    Australorp = black ones

    I talk to our chickens too! :D