Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Theme

So last week's guesses went well...yes. The Wizard of Oz was the answer. I dedcided that I would go ahead and make this a fun little contest. Any and all comments will be placed into a drawing for some little prize....winner announced next Thursday. Ok, so here is the theme for this week:

Spinach seeds from Thebearfootshaman

Sweet pea flower seeds from farmerjulie

It's A Jeep (Jeep) Thing pendant from cre8agift

sailor print from traceyaxelrod


  1. Characters from Popeye...Popeye the sailor, Sweet pea, and Eugene the Jeep.

  2. I had to make a NEW blog due to email issues so please head over to my new place and follow me please
    thank you

  3. Do you happen to be on drugs??
    Answer is Popeye and friends......
    Dont forget the cup cakes Sat.