Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Firsts....

So, do you remember what it was like when you got YOUR first sale. Your heart started beating was exhilarating! "Someone actually likes my stuff enough to buy it!" You thought to yourself. So I thought I would declare (like who is really going to listen to me anyhow...but one can try)...Friday Firsts! I thought it might be nice to make someone's weekend by giving them their first sale. It doesn't have to be a huge purchase....any purchase of any size will still get the same effect! Kinda like the organized "Sneak Attack" on Etsy...but on a smaller scale and not aimed at one particular shop. So I thought I would lead by example. Since I am a sucker for photography...I purchased this small print from ROttoPhotography

So check out some of these great shops....or use "POUNCE" on Etsy and find your own....but go ahead....make someone's weekend with a small purchase! (I have chosen items that are around the same price range as my purchase)

These great GRAD tags...great for scrapbooking or gifts, from papierCiseaux. Only $2.50 for a set of 3!

This is a cute beaded incense holder from ZViolet priced at $8.00!

Or these great felt coasters from InboundThread . Only $8.50 for a set of 2 with FREE SHIPPING!

So if you do decide to make a first purchase this weekend...share it with us, we'd love to hear about it!

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