Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

So since all of you were so nice to share you best mom stories with me...I'll share a little about my mom with you.

I am an only mom is an only child. From what I can remember, I was lucky enough to have her home with me most of the time. I was never with a sitter for very long, if at all. She did work outside the home some, but made sure she was there for me when I needed her. She cooked family dinners and made chocolate chip cookies....I used to get mad (sorta) when my cousin Pat would show up at our doorstep with his friends and eat all of the cookies! He always managed to know when my mom was baking...seems he never showed up on the "off" days...only on cookie days! I never wanted for anything and I'm pretty sure she (and Dad) sacraficed for me. Those were the younger years....then came the dreaded teen that point...we were pretty much at each other's throats! There were times when we were yelling at each other and fighting that my Dad would have to step in and say ENOUGH! Now that I have grown I can see that she did have my best interest at heart and she is my best friend. Unfortunately we(Mr Moose and I) move cross the country. She is in PA and I am in MT...over 2000 miles away! But we get through...talking almost every day on the phone...thank goodness for Verizon's Family plan! I still miss her and wish she could be here to share my life more. I also regret that I am not there for her for the hard times in her HER best friend battles with pancreatic cancer. Anyway....don't want to bore you all so, I just close by saying Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom in the whole world and Happy Mother's Day to all the other Mom's out there too!


  1. Deb, that was sooo beautiful, made me cry. Thank you for this, it means so much. Your a pretty terrific daughter also and I'm so proud of what you are doing with your life. Love you.

    Love, Mom

  2. That's not boring at all! I love the tribute you gave to your mom today :)

  3. what a lovely tribute to your mom, i am sure she misses you not being close too. sounds like you two are pretty lucky to have one another! happy mother's day to you both!

  4. I know where you are coming from, my mom is in Idaho and I'm moved to PA! It's a looooong way. I miss her all the time. Times were rocky for us when I was younger too, but I think it comes with the territory. Happy mothers day to all!