Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I am an addict!

So last night, pretty much ALL of last night, I sat in front of the computer and thought....and thought.....AND thought. It took up pretty much the entire evening. What was I thinking? What should I blog about tomorrow? Of course, I was sitting in front of the computer the entire time...."thinking". What did I accomplish? Nada, zilch, zippo. I think that this is quite possibly the hardest post I have ever had to write! Case of writers block? Quite possibly. So in all my "thinking"...I found two more friends on Facebook, found tons of things I wanted to purchase on Etsy, checked my email tons of times, just to make sure some "extremely urgent" email hadn't popped into my inbox and I signed up for an artfire account.

So in the midst of all this "thinking", it dawned on me.....could I possibly be? No, it can't be true! Am I addicted to the internet? Hi, my name is Deb and I am an internet addict. There I said it! I said it out loud!

So how have all these sites managed to suck all the life out of me? They are like cocaine! I feel myself getting antsy if Mr Moose is on the computer....even if I was just on it....what is HE thinking? What IF I need to do something important on there.....I MIGHT need to answer someone's message.....someone MIGHT send me an email! UGHHHH! WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS? (LOL) It's the last thing I do before I go to bed and the first thing I do in the morning. Of course....I check like a bazillion times from the time I get up and the time I go to work. I guess what makes my "addiction" worse, is that when we made the move from PA to MT over a year ago....our TV stayed behind....no room on the UHaul. Since we have no TV in the house, the internet feels like my only connection to the media.

Maybe I should join a group...better yet form a group called internetters anonymous!
So am I alone with this addiction...am I the only one who sits down "JUST" to check email and then look and like over an hour has gone by? Please let me know!

Oh, please be sure to take my poll too!


  1. Oh yeah, I'm with you. I am addicted to comments. I can't wait to get comments. I'm really pushing the borders now. I wrote a really, really long post today just to see if anyone would actually read what I wrote. I am contemplating writing a book for years, so the writing on the blog is getting me in the 'groove'. See, I'm a worse addict than you because I can justify it all! Ha.


  2. If you find a support group, it will probably be online anyway! I'm sadly addicted to, my life is wasting away in front of the screen! But it can be so much fun. You are not alone!!

  3. lol...at least you have an addiction with a purpose..your etsy shop!! And Grammatically delicious...never have I see a cuter name for a shop! Love it!!