Wednesday, April 8, 2009


So Mr Moose is somewhat of a photographer. When we took a 6 week camping trip during the summer of '07 we had like over 10,000 kidding! So I thought I would share a little bit of his talent with you. This photo was taken last summer in the field across from our house. All the photography skills I have acquired from him...he has taught me a lot. So from time to time, I will share his talent with you all. Thanks for looking and letting me share!


  1. That's beautiful. Thank you (and Mr. Moose) for helping me start my day off right. :-)

  2. thank you for shareing I LOVE takeing pictures too lol so tell your hubby he is not alone :)

  3. That's gorgeous. I know how you feel. My DH loves to take pics. I just bought him a digital SR camera for our anniversary. It is nothing for him to take 200-300 pictures a day when we go somewhere. Anxious to see more of your pics.