Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Is A Day For Rest....

Rest, what the heck is that? As like many of you...I run two small businesses, work full time, keep house....ok....*try* to keep house (LOL), and we are now currently in the process of becoming certified Pet CPR/First Aid instructors for the Red Cross. Thank goodness there are no children in the mix! Not that we don't want them...but with our lives sooooo hectic, I don't think they fit into our lives right at this particular moment...but soon...the biological clock is starting on it's downward spiral! So anyway, where was I...oh, yes....I have made the executive decision that Sundays will be my day "off" from blogging...wait...what am I doing right I serously writing a blog on a Sunday about not blogging on Sundays?!?! I think I might need some serious help! Maybe I'm just a work-aholic. I NEVER put my etsy shop on vacation for fear I might miss something...what, I guess I'll never know...but I'm pretty sure it is something of epic proportions! So maybe I'll have to revise my "Executive Decision" I *might* not blog on Sundays. LOL

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  1. I think I am going to start skipping a couple of days every now and then too. I didn't blog yesterday, might not today either.