Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tweet Tweet....What's All The Fuss?

A few months ago I was asked "Do you Twitter?". "Ummmm....Huh?" was my response. Totally oblivous to this newest social community in cyberworld. So I decided I would sign up for an account. what? I don't get it....140 do what? So I posted a few comments and lo and behold, I got some followers! What, at that particular moment in time, they were following was confusion. I truly had no clue. Then I let it sit idle for a month or so...but even then...I still managed to pick up a few followers from time to time. Then I decided to give it another look. I've got 140 characters to get my message out be I'd better make it good. So around the same time I became dedicated to my blog...I also became dedicated to Twitter. I'll be the first to admit when started back up, I did not really enjoy "tweeting". But now, I use it as a draw people to my store or my blog.

Still not sure what Twitter is? It is best described as micro-blogging. As I mentioned before, you've got 140 characters to get your message out there for all the world to see.

Why not use it as a business tool?'s free! Free publicity...FREE! Need I say more. Now this statistic is possibly a little off, I couldn't find a date, but with 4-5 MILLION users...what other form of media could possibly reach that many people? Not to mention....I LOVE that little bird...LOL!


  1. I have an on again off again relationship with Twitter. I am going to look you up the next time I go over there.

  2. I too, have just gotten into it, and actually like it! But admit that I don't understand all the lingo....RT??? and some other term, don't really get it yet...but I will! :)

  3. Tickelworm, I believe RT, stands for RETWEET. When the current person posting is posting something someone else has tweeted.

    Angela...please do look me up. I look for you there too!

  4. I love twitter, it´s a great social networking site and can become very addictive too!

    I´m under LeelaBijou :)