Sunday, April 26, 2009

Scenic Sunday....

OOPSSS...sorry I wasn't thinking about the lemon blueberry would still want to use lemon yogurt, just replace the blueberries for raspberries.....I have never made lemon blueberry I mis-spoke....

Any Guesses....correct answer will get a prize.


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  2. COLORADO? not sure where do you need a part name or anything? I keep forgetting Wyoming Colorado Arazona And so on have structures like that lol...So COLORADO FINAL ANSWER lol .
    .Have a great weekend I have had a blast so far.. my mom is on her way over can't wait :)
    going to give my mom one of the lip balms so maybe if she likes it ( i know she will) she will order some :)

  3. HMMMM so after some thought, maybe Moab, Utah?

    I have several other guesses. But we will go with that one.

  4. Is it the Balanced Rock at Arches National Park, Moab,Utah....we are going there in June...

  5. dont know if it doesnt have a palm tree in the picture (???????)
    and I will be waiting with a water mouth on Wed. just waiting for your muffins and way you want to make them will be fine with ALL of us!

  6. It looks like the desert.
    So I would say Colorado too, but I'm horrible at cities so I'll just stuck with the general terms Colorado and desert. Lol

  7. Is it somewhere in Arizona? I live in Arizona and it looks like one of our sunsets and mountains. Either way beautiful picture, so relaxing to look at.